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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


APPtitude: Advertising on Mobile Apps as a Growth Accelerator

Apr 03, 2024
Boulevard Ballroom 155

Advancements in mobile performance marketing are changing the way brands connect with their audience, offering incredible global reach and direct access with unmatched transparency. It goes beyond search and social media by tapping into a world where brands are both seen and experienced across the world’s most popular apps. Advertisers are seizing new opportunities to achieve brand safety, unmatched visibility, and ownership over their campaigns, ensuring a memorable impact right where their audience spends most of its time.

Join Alex Li of AppLovin, Sandy Shen of LinkedIn, and Greg Rossi from Experian as they discuss the importance of expanding their channel mix to include mediums like mobile and CTV. They’ll also provide insights into the strategies shaping their campaigns.

Greg Rossi
Sandy Shen
Alex Li

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