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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


Essential Insights for Early-Stage App Developers: Lessons I Wish I Knew Sooner

Apr 04, 2024
Terrace Ballroom 151
Organic Growth

In this enlightening fireside chat, Josh Eidenberg, co-founder and head of product for the Miracle Morning app and owner of Future Proof, will share the invaluable lessons learned from his journey in the app development industry. Drawing on nearly a decade of experience, Josh will unveil the strategies that led to the success of his projects, focusing on user engagement, retention, and the importance of a strong community. Attendees will gain firsthand insights into overcoming the challenges of early-stage app development and learn practical tips to avoid common pitfalls. This session is a must-attend for aspiring app developers looking to navigate the complexities of the tech world with confidence and creativity.

Josh Eidenberg, Co-Founder and Head of Product - Miracle Morning app

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