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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


Hard Paywalls: How New Apps Can Thrive in a Crowded Category

Apr 04, 2024
Boulevard Ballroom 155

Congratulations! You have developed an awesome app that solves a problem that no other app fixes.
Bad news! No one knows about it and there are 10,000 other apps that kind of do what you are doing.

How to solve this? Use a hard paywall!

Although counter-intuitive, a hard paywall can be the best way to gain traction by streamlining growth and helping you find the right users quickly.

This talk will dive into how Pok Pok leveraged a hard paywall to become one of the top 10 grossing kids apps in only 2 years.

The lessons from this talk will be actionable and can be applied to any app category.





Félix Boudreau, VP, Marketing & Growth - Pok Pok

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