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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


Holistic Engagement Strategy

Apr 04, 2024
Terrace Ballroom 153

In this presentation, I'll explain why traditional methods focusing only on analyzing customer journeys and feature mapping are ineffective for building engagement strategies. Instead, you'll learn a more robust strategy that looks at various factors affecting how users interact with a product, such as where they come from, what they use the product for, where they are, and their mindset. This approach recognizes different levels of user involvement and tailors strategies accordingly.

Lastly, I'll outline a holistic method of user engagement strategies that go beyond feature or journey analysis. We'll explore ways to diversify product use, enhance usage frequency and intensity, and improve user satisfaction. Using case studies from CoinStats, UNUM, and others, I'll highlight the importance of varied, flexible tactics for distinct user personas, essential for effective, lasting customer retention.





Vahe Baghdasaryan, Senior Growth Marketing - CoinStats

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