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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


The New Frontier of Measurement: Exploring the Android Privacy Sandbox with Adjust

Apr 03, 2024
Boulevard Ballroom
Main Stage

As the dust settles from the introduction of SKAN measurement, another privacy-centric initiative looms on the horizon, poised to reshape the mobile marketing landscape. Google’s Privacy Sandbox heralds significant changes to user privacy while balancing how mobile marketers gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. Since its announcement in 2020, Adjust has worked closely with Google to ensure the industry can continue to measure ad campaigns successfully with these new privacy standards. Join Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer for Adjust, alongside Jolyn Yao, Group Product Manager for Privacy Sandbox, and Amit Varia, Director of Product Management for Privacy Sandbox, as they delve into the current status of Privacy Sandbox, provide insights into the progress of initial testing on the Attribution Reporting API, and offer actionable steps for mobile marketers to prepare for the Privacy Sandbox.

Amit Varia, Director of Product Management - Privacy Sandbox
Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer - Adjust
Jolyn Yao, Group Product Manager, Privacy Sandbox - Google
Emily Cash, Global Director, Product Marketing and Localization - Adjust

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