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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


Know your spender: Lessons Learned from Driving Loyalty & Growth in an Evolving Market

Apr 04, 2024
Terrace Ballroom 153

As game publishers pursue growth in 2024 and beyond, they must decode spender behavior and adapt new strategies across the board, from the top of funnel acquisition to deep funnel player loyalty if they hope to survive. You’ll hear from a panel of experts across mobile gaming on lessons learned in operating in today’s challenging market. They will provide best practices and insights on increasing spender acquisition, conversion, and monetization, based on first-hand experience in the industry. Audience members will learn:

  • The importance of optimizing UA campaigns to the fullest, even within black-box algorithms and relentlessly experimenting with ad channels that can drive spender acquisition.
  • The importance of maximizing the early user journey to ensure stickiness and ultimately creating a launch pad to nurture spenders on a personalized-level.
  • The importance of deeply understanding consumer spending behavior to fuel growth (Mistplay can provide NEW data from its upcoming and unreleased report with fresh data on IAP spender behavior to help publishers capitalize on these opportunities.) Understanding spenders has become crucial for mobile gaming publishers and marketers especially in a challenging market. 
Peggy Anne Salz, the Chief Analyst and Founder - MobileGroove
Nick Cullen, UA Team Lead - Mistplay
Pavel Ignatov, CEO - Balancy
Piyush Mishra, Director, Growth Marketing - Product Madness

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