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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


Panel Discussion: The Publisher Coalition and ad quality

Apr 04, 2024
Terrace Ballroom 150

Publishers spend millions of dollars on creating, developing, designing, releasing, and testing their apps, and, most importantly, building up trust with their users. But all of that good faith can be destroyed in an instant by ad redirects, ads that brick their apps, or that have a hidden x button or multiple screens that users cannot close. 

For all publishers, finding and eliminating bad ad creatives is a very costly exercise, but something that has to be done, so that their users do not churn or, worse, leave bad reviews and impair their brands. The arms race by ad networks to provide greater ROI for their clients has led to a steady decline in the app experience, increasing churn and false attribution for UA buyers.

The publisher coalition is made up publishers from all verticals, working together, committed to improving the in-app industry for everyone (users, advertisers and publishers). Our first initiative will be to draw up standards for ad creatives, so that we are all working towards a common goal.

We welcome input and involvement from all companies across the industry. Please join us, and let’s make sure the in-app space works for everyone.





Charlie Castell, CEO and Co-Founder - PubRev+
Brian Truman, Principal and Founder - Truman XP Advisors
Alex Sherer, Ad Monetization Manager - EA

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