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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


The Future of Mobile Growth in Emerging Markets

Apr 03, 2024
Terrace Ballroom 151
Organic Growth

Exploring the dynamic landscape and forecast the trajectory of mobile growth in some of the world's most dynamic markets on the brink of unprecedented growth. In this engaging session, our distinguished panelists will delve into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the mobile ecosystem in emerging markets.

Discover how mobile technology is driving socio-economic development, fostering innovation, and transforming the way people connect, communicate, and conduct business in these diverse and vibrant markets. From the impact of 5G connectivity to the rise of localized apps and digital inclusion initiatives, our panel will dissect key factors influencing the trajectory of mobile growth.

We'll also discuss E-commerce and Mobile Payments: Explore the role of mobile technology in fostering e-commerce and the growth of mobile payment solutions in emerging markets.

Local Content and Cultural Adaptation: Discuss the importance of creating and adapting mobile content to local languages, cultures, and preferences to enhance user engagement.

Government Initiatives and Policies: Examine the impact of government policies on mobile growth, including regulations, incentives, and initiatives aimed at promoting digital inclusion and innovation.

Startups and Innovation: Showcase the role of startups in driving innovation in emerging markets, and discuss challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures in the mobile sector.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Explore the significance of collaborations between mobile industry players, governments, and local organizations in fueling sustainable growth.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns: Address the growing importance of cybersecurity and privacy in the mobile landscape, and strategies to ensure a secure and trustworthy digital environment.

Education and Skills Development: Discuss initiatives focused on leveraging mobile technology for education and skills development, contributing to the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Rural Connectivity: Explore solutions and technologies aimed at bridging the digital divide in rural areas, ensuring that mobile connectivity reaches all corners of emerging markets.

Healthcare and Mobile Health Solutions: Examine the transformative impact of mobile technology on healthcare delivery in emerging markets, including telemedicine, health apps, and data-driven solutions.





Ali Jamal, Founder - First Check Ventures

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