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2024 Agenda

MAU Vegas


Turbocharging Video Ads with Interaction and Sequencing

Apr 03, 2024
Terrace Ballroom 151
Organic Growth

Video Ads are arguably the most effective creative type for apps and mobile brands to acquire new customers. Whether on social channels, SDK networks or DSPs like Kayzen, video ads not only show the highest IPMs and APMs (actions per mille), but also allow less known advertisers to build their brand and articulate their value proposition and product features to consumers.

Maniko Nails and Kayzen have taken in-app video ads to the next level, by turbocharging them with interactive end cards that engage users deeper into the funnel right there in the ad unit itself, before those users even hit the advertisers’ landing page.

Users who are reached by those video ads not only show a high interaction rate with the interactive end cards that follow the video, but they also share data about their demographics, preferences or other relevant information through those ad interactions. This allows Maniko to build ad sequencing funnels based on the interaction events those users generate.

You can call this turbocharged in-app video ads, we call it Video+

Through this innovative approach, Maniko Nails has been able to develop programmatic buying as a new ad channel for their growth, representing a significant contribution to their overall channel mix. They have also found that the users reached through this channel are incremental to the users they acquire through search, social and other more common channels.





Tim Koschella, CEO & Co-Founder - Kayzen
Georg Blümer, Co-Founder & CMO - Maniko Nails

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