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Asya Paloni

Asya Paloni

Head of Product Strategy, Welltory

Asya is an experienced product leader and visionary at Welltory — an app keeping 8 million users on track for lifelong health. She’s the creator of Welltory’s core features that save people’s lives while driving engagement rates on par with Netflix and Spotify.

Prior to Welltory, Asya ran her own translation and localization business, with a large client base   that included reputable publications such as Time Magazine and Fortune 500 companies like Philip Morris.

Asya has leveraged her expertise in entrepreneurship and localization to help dozens of IT products from the CIS space enter the international market, including Lingualeo, Excursiopedia, and Welltory.

She speaks four languages, and graduated with honors from Middlebury College with a joint degree in Chinese and Economics.



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