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Diogo Martins

Diogo Martins


I am going to talk about the most relevant experience for this session:

I started working with creatives at 'Tilting Point', a mobile games agency, where I had to deal with creatives for big IPs such as Sponge Bob, Warhammer, Star Treck, F1, and more. I worked there for three and a half years, and I was responsible for the Cat Game ads on Tiktok that went viral as I branded myself as "I am being held hostage by this company"

Later, I joined 'New York Times' for almost one and a half years, and had to deal with an establishment brand team which made producing creatives challenging. We always had to keep being faithful to our brand image.

Most recently, I joined 'Jackpocket' 9 months ago. Jackpocket is an app that allows users to buy lottery tickets on the phone. An industry (real money gambling/lottery) that is highly regulated and faces a lot of restrictions regarding what can be said and done in an ad. 




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