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Vahe Baghdasaryan

Vahe Baghdasaryan

Senior Growth Marketing, CoinStats

Vahe is a seasoned app growth professional currently working as a Senior Growth Marketing Manager at CoinStats and also doing app growth consulting. His primary focus is on engagement strategies, subscription optimization, and lifecycle marketing, and he has a proven track record of driving user engagement, retention, and monetization.

His expertise is widely recognized in the industry, evidenced by his numerous speaking engagements at prestigious marketing conferences and his contributions as a guest on various growth-centric podcasts.

With a rich history of scaling apps from educational technology to fintech sectors, he has demonstrated a unique ability to enhance user engagement and foster robust app monetization strategies. In addition to his main role, Vahe is the curator of “Growth Snippets,” a newsletter on Substack that provides its readers with growth marketing insights. In 2023, he was nominated as ‘App Leader’ for his outstanding contributions to the field.


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